FITOFARM – The first pharmaceutical company to join and support the initiative for an additional 3 months part-time for parents returning from maternity leave


The pharmaceutical company Fitofarm from today with additional benefits for its employees after completing their leave of absence due to pregnancy, birth and parenthood. All employees who have used pregnancy, birth and parenthood leave after completing their regular 9 months (or 15 months for two or more children at once) will be able to work part-time for the next 3 months.

“We are pleased to join the initiative to introduce a 3-month part-time job for employees who have been absent from work due to pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. We believe that nurturing and nurturing relationships with our employees enables successful teamwork and results. Parenting as a priority in many young people’s lives is a happy but delicate process, especially after returning to work. We support and encourage young mothers to have more organized quality time with their loved ones, ”the company owners said.

This reform is of great importance to the company as 75% of the 68 employees are women. Fitofarm is a company that this year celebrates 30 years of existence and fostering relationships with employees.

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FITOFARM is a pharmaceutical and cosmetic company with established reputation, which in the scope of its business performance as key pillar has the industrial production and sales of drugs, food supplements, medical devices, herbal, cosmetic and galenical products.

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