NOSAL® nasal drops

NOSAL nasal drops and spray are intended for maintaining regular hygiene of nasal cavity in newborns, children and adults. This solution washes-out and cleans the nasal canals in a physiological manner, thus increasing the humidity of nasal mucosa and enabling normal and proper respiration. NOSAL relieves the secretion and nasal discharge in case of nasal congestion and also, improves the air passage in upper respiratory tract.

physiological solution (0,9% solution of sodium chloride)

NOSAL is recommended for:

  • everyday nasal hygiene; especially suitable for babies, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers,
  • persons with mildly congested respiratory passageways, common cold provoked by viruses and allergic sneezing,
  • persons prone to drying out of respiratory tract mucosa and persons that are excessively exposed to central heating and spend long time in air-conditioned space.

Packing:  10ml

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