VENOTON peroral drops, solution

50 ml VENOTON oral drops contains: 25 g Horse-chestnut seed liquid extract, standardized to 1% escin (Aesculum Hippocastanum extractum fluidum); 3.50 g Buckwheat herb extract liquid, standardized on 1.5% rutin (Fagopyrum esculentum extractum fluidum); 8.0 g Yarrow herbal tincture (1: 5) (Tinctura Millefolii) and 1.0 g Marigold flower ticture, (1: 5) (Tinctura Calendulae) and excipients.

Why you should use Venoton drops: – venouse stop or poor circulation, – chronic venous insufficiency, accompanied by symptoms such as heavy and tired legs, pain in the legs, swelling, changes in appearance and color of the skin, itching and cramping, – varicose veins.

Packing: 50 ml

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